- Computers

We offer Computer repairs for workstations and servers running Windows, Macs or Linux. This includes upgrades, maintenance, optimization, data recovery/migration. We fix anything that can go wrong with a computer, like not booting up, viruses or malware, running slow, not running at all etc..

- Networks

We design, install, maintain and repair wired and wireless networks for data and voice. Maintenance contracts are available. Support for network clients from Windows, Mac and Linux. We support network based client/server applications, file and printer sharing and voip applications. We also provide Cat5/6 ethernet cabling installation and repairs. 

- Phone systems

We install, maintain and repair IP based PBX phones systems.  Move,  add,  change or delete  extensions.  Ring group changes and setup.  Inbound route changes and setup.  Porting numbers from one carrier to another.  Call quality issues. Functionality problems with transfer, hold etc..

- Network Security

We intstall and configure firewalls so that your users and your network are getting the most protection that your firewall can offer.  We audit your servers and workstations to be sure that "Best Practices" are being maintained for a secure user enviroment.

- Building Automation

We install maintain and repair building automation systems that control lights, appliances and HVAC.  We setup the triggers that control the on/off of these systems, be they based on time or triggered by other conditions, including manual control.  Also facilitated is the use of IP cameras to monitor offices, buildings or anything you can think of.  Also accesible by internet enabled phones .

- Google Integration

We can integrate your existing domain with the incredible power of Google for domains. Compare the functionality of Google for domains with Microsoft Exchange server.   Users can still use MS outlook for their mail client.   The real power of google is evident when users have internet enabled cell phones.


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