- New computers and servers - Dell or HP

- PBX Phone systems  -  Features

        Phones by Polycom, Aastra, Cisco, Grandstream, Linksys or Snom.

        Central Processors by Dell.

        Utilize traditional copper phone lines or  high speed internet for 

        incredible monthly savings


- Firewalls 

        Content filtering based on user groups.

         IP blacklists stop users from unknowingly visiting harmfull web sites.

        Country block - block attacks from, and prevent users from visiting web

        websites in foreign countries. 

- Captive Portals

        Give your customers or the public internet access while keeping them

         from accessing your internal network. Includes controlling content and 

         and bandwidth

- Building automation

        Control and monitor your office remotely, from your phone or any 

         Internet connection.



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